The 7 Best Ways to Start Making Money With Your Website

The 7 Best Ways to Start Making Money With Your Website

If you’re planning to create a website, making money is probably one of your goals. It’s very understandable; you probably know a lot of people online who makes thousands of dollars a month on their website alone. In fact, studies show that most of the sites that are set up almost every day are created primarily to make money online.

However, do you know how to effectively monetize a website or blog? How do you plan to ensure that your website taps into unlimited online opportunities to earn you an income, rather than just a drain on your finances and time?

These are some of the questions that most website owners have to answer. Unfortunately, some of them never bother to get the answers that they need and end up not earning from sites that would have brought in lots of revenue.

Learn from their mistakes and study the many ways you can make money with your website. Here are seven of them.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the best ways to earn through Pay Per Click Advertising is by signing up for Google Adsense. Through this program, you can monetize your site by displaying ads from Google.

Before you can earn from this program, though, you have to direct lots of visitors to your site. This is because you will earn money according to the number of visitors (i.e., traffic) that view your ads.

If you thought then that Adsense is one of those get-rich-quick schemes, you need to think again. It takes a combination of hard work and dedication before the money starts flowing. You will have to make your site a place where everyone wants to visit so that they can view more ads.

The biggest advantage of using this method to earn money online is that it is very simple to set up. Anyone can do it because all you need to do is follow a few prompts and you will get a source of recurring and passive income.

You only need to place the code that you get after signing up with Adsense on your website. After that, the code will analyze all the content on your site and then display ads that are relevant to the topics.

For instance, if your website mainly reviews home appliances, you are likely to see ads that are about home appliances, too. However, experts advise against relying on Adsense alone as a source of income through your website. Since it is often slow to pick up, you may consider combining it with other methods to get more earnings.

2. Selling Ad Space

The 7 Best Ways to Start Making Money With Your Website

Just like Google Adsense, selling ad space on your website requires you to maintain a steady flow of traffic. You can display ads in the sidebar and the top banner. The difference is that while Adsense pays according to clicks, this one is based on a pre-negotiated price.

You get into an agreement with the company that owns the ads before you start displaying them. You have to know that when negotiating, the advertisers will need to know how they will benefit from your site. They will also need to know the number of people that are likely to see those ads.

A simple ad appearing in one of the spaces on your website can bring you thousands of dollars in revenue from companies that share the same audience as you. This will happen if you can assure them that the ads will reach a lot of people.

There are companies that are always willing to pay huge amounts of money on advertising. If they record more sales after displaying on your site, you can be sure that they will be willing to pay even more.

It is also important to note that if you fail to get enough traffic, the companies will either insist on paying less, or withdraw the ads altogether.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is fast growing in popularity. Most website owners are choosing this method to monetize their sites because of the good returns that are associated with it. To get into it, you only have to find a product that offers an affiliate program, and sign up. This should be a product that you like and would recommend to others.

After signing up, you will receive a custom affiliate link that you can promote in your website and earn from the referrals that buy through your link. Usually, there is no fixed amount that you will earn when you promote a product. However, you will make money online by getting paid a percentage of the price.

According to most influencers, this is an effective way to make lots of money. As long as the product keeps selling, you will keep earning your commissions. There are some products that will give you up to 80% of the price. The fact that companies have realized that it is an easy way to make more sales makes it even better because more companies are now starting affiliate programs.

If you are wondering what you will be selling under affiliate marketing, it could be anything from clothing to health products and books. You can also sell hotel bookings and subscription-based services.

Here are three ways to become an affiliate for a product or service.

  • Sign up to affiliate websites (e.g., Commission Junction) – this is the easiest way to become an affiliate. You only need to find a website that works with lots of companies and merchants, and sign up. Once you are through with the registration, you will have lots of products to promote on your site.
  • heck company websites – you can simply go to a specific company’s website and find out if they have an affiliate program. Most of these companies will have this link on the footer of their site.
  • Contact companies directly – if you notice that there are products that are popular with the audience, you can simply contact the company and ask them if they will allow you to promote them for a fee. With this option, you have to prove to the company that you can drive enough traffic in order to boost their sales.

4. Email Marketing

Time and time again, this method has proven to be a reliable source of income through a website. It involves building a mailing list through which you will regularly contact your audience and sell them products.

The 7 Best Ways to Start Making Money With Your Website

With this method, you mainly make money online by sending sponsored content. You could also display sponsored ads in the emails and whenever your audience clicks on them, you make money. The best part is that this method also increases your traffic and grows your other sources of revenue too.

There are various ways through which you can build an email list. The most common one is by letting them subscribe to your blog or website. The promise is that they will get notified whenever new content is added.

However, you can also use this as an opportunity to send them sponsored materials. You may entice them to join the list by giving away a gift such as a free ebook to whoever joins the list. Building a list and growing your followers is a good way to grow your website too.

5. Selling digital products

Digital products often sell fast because of the ease with which they are supplied. You do not have to send them to a physical address, or deliver them in person. Instead, you only need to email them to someone, or let them download it directly from your website.

Selling digital products is a good way to make money online. The most important thing here is to capitalize on your expertise. Most people that sell these products often use a free blog or a list of articles.

After that, you provide an ebook that has more in-depth insights which your audience cannot resist. Another common practice is when people give a free chapter of an ebook, and require the reader to buy the whole book in order to read the rest.

By asking users to submit their emails in order to get the rest of the book, you will also be able to build a mailing list.

Those who prefer to sell digital products also use free ebooks in order to get their audiences to sign up for courses. This is for those who want to learn more about the topic that is covered in the book.

However, note that these methods differ from one site to another. Regardless of the approach that you choose to use, there is no doubt that the advantages of selling such products are overwhelming.

Apart from earning you lots of money, you can also use it as a tool to build your online reputation, and set yourself up for even greater achievements. This can be both a long term and short-term strategy, and is highly valuable.

6. Subscriptions

You can monetize your website and make money online through subscriptions. If you have premium content on your site, and your audience really wants to see it, you can charge them to access it.

What usually happens is that you give an introduction to the content that makes someone want to see it. Then, you leave it to only members to access, which means that any new visitor will have to subscribe before they can read any further.

To make lots of money through subscriptions, you have to choose a really hot niche. Make sure that after subscribing, your audience will get value for their money.

7. Selling the website

The 7 Best Ways to Start Making Money With Your Website

This has to be the final possible way to make money online through your website. There are many online marketplaces where you can list your site. Once you list it, it becomes visible to potential buyers and they will contact you if they are interested.

It is also known as “website flipping” because there are people who specialize in developing sites from scratch and then selling them when they have lots of traffic. The most expensive websites are the ones that have lots of traffic. This is because the offers that you are likely to receive will range from 3 to 5 times your monthly revenue.

Looking at these ways to make money online through your website, you can easily note that it is not wise to rely on one method. Try a combination of various methods.

It also depends on the amount of work that you put in the process, and your creativity. Make sure to pay attention to the latest trends because online marketplaces often change with technology.

Furthermore, do not be too rigid to change by sticking to methods that are already outdated because it only means that you will not get as many sales as you hope to make through the website.

While it’s true that making money with your website isn’t easy, with a little bit of work and a lot of research, you will be able to achieve your goal someday.